Iva Morris Folk Art - Que Bestia Design

Que Bestia toys, boxes, and furniture are designed and handmade in New Mexico by artisans Walter Wright, Kim Delmargo and Iva Morris O'Connor. Made from poplar, oak or maple, our product line invites our customers to escape into the fanciful world of childhood. Our toys are functional wooden sculptures, a whimsical way to look at one's childhood imaginings. Both our boxes and toys are painted using casien paint and embellished with bronzing powders and gold beading. With the help of decorative maple wheels, our toys are handpainted on one board poplar and really roll! Each piece of furniture is handpainted and custom made with an eye for both artistic and utilitarian design. With an empasis on both craftsmanship and detail, we hope to recapture the quality found in products of the 19th century. Enjoy!

All furniture is made to order.
All toys can be made any size and priced accordingly.